• God's Word on Marriage Adjustment

    God's word speaks on many issues that relate to adjustment in marriage, including communication, dealing with conflict, sex, decision-making and finances.

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  • Crisis-proof your budget

    When Paula Bliss divorced her husband six years ago, she hit the Dallas department stores to buy what amounted to a single-parent survival kit: work clothes, bed, sofa, toaster oven, vacuum cleaner. The purchases totaled $2,600, and her credit card payments added up to $100 per month-- much more than the single mother of one could afford. Says Bliss, "It took me three years to pay off those debts."

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  • Internet Relationships: Caution!

    The internet has brought us a lot of advantages, but we need to be careful when we enter into an Internet relationship!

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  • Berate or Communicate?

    Neither of us liked confrontation. Hurts and miscommunications piled up. I found myself snapping at my husband, sending "zingers" on their destructive way. I spent a lot of time in tears of frustration, and he spent a lot of time at the office. Read More

  • The Power of Marriage

    Princess Diana was asked after her separation from Prince Charles what effect their marital relationship had on her. "More than I will probably ever know," she responded.

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  • Risk Factors for Marital Problems

    Is it possible to know what factors in a person's life might contribute to marriage difficulties? Read More

  • I'm Dating - Again!

    “If I had a gun right now I’d shoot you, and my ex-husband.” No words were verbalized but the hazardous thoughts charged through my brain. Sitting next to me was the unsuspecting gentleman who had foolishly asked me out on a date and then had the misfortune of my accepting. My obnoxious mood was the result of the recent abandonment by my husband. Why accept the invitation? The loneliness was overwhelming and I naïvely assumed an innocent date would be the cure. I was wrong.

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  • Solutions for Sexual Problems in Marriage

    Here are some ways to bring sexual healing within marriage.

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  • Understanding Your Spouse's Sexual Needs

    Both the husband and the wife need to understand the sexual needs and desires of their spouse.

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  • Can This Marriage Be Saved?

    During a press conference related to his extramarital affair Governor Sanford stated the desire to reconcile his marriage. As a divorce recovery expert of 20 years let me share it is possible to restore a marriage after infidelity. However, it requires patience, honesty, and a husband and wife who are willing to dig into uncomfortable issues. Read More

  • Ways to Prepare for a Mate

    Most people will get married. But all of us will be unmarried for a time. Some people are unmarried for a time while they seek a mate. Others become single again through death or divorce. Some remain unmarried throughout their lives. In this lesson, we will consider how we prepare for marriage.

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  • How to Make Good Decisions about Life Together

    This article gives some Biblical advice on how to make decisions together as husband and wife.

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  • Good Communication During Marriage Conflict

    Five Ways People React to Conflict

    People react to conflict based on their culture, their nature, and the examples they
    have seen. Most people react to conflict in one of five ways.

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  • Sliding Through

    As I waited for my husband one afternoon at the mall, I watched several kids slide by me. One moment, they were walking normally, and the next, they were happily sliding across the tile floors. Apparently, they and their parents had opted to buy the latest fad: a shoe with a wheel inside the heel. Read More

  • The Freedoms of Abstinence

  • Love's Number One Enemy...Unresolved Anger

    What's the number one enemy of love? Marriage expert Gary Smalley says unresolved anger is enemy number one when it comes to love. If you don't deal with it, it will eat away at your happiness and your marriage. Read More

  • The Young Couple's Financial Checklist

    There are a lot of experts in my life. My insurance agent says adequate coverage for all scenarios would take about 15 percent of my income. My home mortgage provider approved us for a loan that would use up 40 percent of my income. My CPA advises at least 25 percent toward taxes to avoid paying in at year's end. The kids' college fund needs another 5 percent. Our nutritionist, pastor, and car salesman would like to see at least 15 percent going in each of those directions. That totals 130 percent of my present income! Read More

  • Communication Mistakes Between Men and Women

    A challenge in all marriages is for the husband and wife to communicate properly with each other.

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  • Cohabitation: Trial Marriage or Lack of Commitment?

    Many couples are opting for a replacement or "trial alternative" to marriage. As a result, marriage is becoming more like buying a car--people want a "test drive" before they sign the dotted line. The reasons are varied. Some feel it's not the right time for marriage while others think living together is the best insurance against divorce. Read More

  • The Three Stages of Growth in Marriage

    The Bible tells us, "By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established" (Prov. 24:3). In other words, God wants you to be wise and understand how to build your marriage and family.

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  • To Resolve Conflict -- START

    The first step in resolving conflict is to disagree with respect and communication. Here are five easily remembered helps. Why not START today to resolve the conflicts of your life?

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  • Stepfamily Pre- Marriage QUIZ

    Are you considering a marriage that will form a stepfamily? If so, here is a quiz that might help you determine if there are areas of concern.

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  • What Makes a Marriage Good?

    What is it that makes a marriage a good marriage?

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  • Pull Together when you're Pulled Apart

    Sometimes the biggest conflicts in marriage are over the most trivial issues. One of the silliest fights Kay and I ever had was over bath soap. For me, a hot steamy shower is a spiritual experience ... right up there with eating fresh cinnamon rolls. I also happen to be a person who gets bored very quickly with the same thing. So I like variety. I don't want to use the same kind of soap for 42 years.

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  • Christian Marriage Covenant

    David Martz summarizes his academic paper on marriage as a covenant relationship between God and a married couple.

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We believe that being successful in all relationships begins with you knowing Jesus Christ personally. You will receive wisdom for living as you walk with Him and read the Bible daily.  While we offer our thoughts on marriage and family relationships, we recommend that you visit a Christian counselor who is trained in these matters from a biblical perspective for further information. Now, we hope you are blessed by the articles and videos.  Please click a response button and we will be happy to interact with you!

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  • Prepare for Marriage

    We want to help you understand how you can be best prepared for marriage and aspects about marriage that you must understand before you are married. Your preparation will help your start your marriage properly.
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  • Adjust to Marriage

    Every marriage must make adjustments during life’s journey! We want to help you understand key issues in relating to your marriage partner so that you can response properly and avoid the obstacles that hinder good marriage relations.
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  • Relating in a Family

    While most of us are trained to succeed in our jobs at work, few of us are equipped to relate properly to our spouse and children. Here are some ways that you can grow as a married person and as
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  • Succeeding as a Family

    There are many obstacles that cause marriages to fail. We want to help you deal rightly with those obstacles so that you can have healthy marriage and family relationships.
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