Adjust to Marriage

We want to help you understand how you can be best prepared for marriage and aspects about marriage that you must understand before you are married.  Your preparation will help your start your marriage properly.

Title Author
Berate or Communicate? Written by Crystal J. Ortmann
Can This Marriage Be Saved? Written by Laura Petherbridge
Communication Mistakes Between Men and Women Written by Dr. Wayde Goodall
Crisis-proof your budget Written by Crown Financial Ministries
God's Word on Marriage Adjustment Written by Keith Sorbo
Good Communication During Marriage Conflict Written by Dr. Wayde Goodall
How to Make Good Decisions about Life Together Written by Dr. Wayde Goodall
Love's Number One Enemy...Unresolved Anger Written by Dr. Gary Smalley
Pull Together when you're Pulled Apart Written by Rick Warren
Sliding Through Written by Nancy A. Stevens
Solutions for Sexual Problems in Marriage Written by Dr. Wayde Goodall
The Power of Marriage Written by Family First
The Young Couple's Financial Checklist Written by David Hunt
To Resolve Conflict -- START Written by Robert J. Young
Understanding Your Spouse's Sexual Needs Written by Dr. Wayde Goodall
What Makes a Marriage Good? Written by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott