A challenge in all marriages is for the husband and wife to communicate properly with each other.

Communication Mistakes Women often Make.

 Here are some common mistakes that a wife makes and what the husband thinks in response:

Mistakes a Wife May Make
What Her Husband Thinks
She offers advice when he does not ask for it. She does not trust me.
She tries to control him through showing her feelings She does not accept me.
She complains about what he has not done.   She does not appreciate the things I do.
She corrects and instructs him.   She does not admire me.
She accuses indirectly, "How could you do that?" She does not think I am a good person.
She criticizes his decisions or actions. She does not love me or believe in me, because she does not encourage me.

Communication Mistakes Men often Make.

Here are some common mistakes that a husband makes and what the wife thinks in response:

Mistakes a Husband May Make
What His Wife Thinks
He does not pay attention or ask questions to show interest. He does not care.
He gives advice and solutions.      He does not care.
He gives advice and solutions.    He does not understand.
He listens, but gets angry and blames her for making him feel upset. He does not respect my feelings.
He is not sensitive to her feelings and needs. He does not love me.
When she is upset, he explains why he is right
and why she should not feel as she does
He does not support me.
After listening, he says nothing or walks away. I am not secure with him.





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