Prepare for Marriage

Every marriage must make adjustments during life’s journey!  We want to help you understand key issues in relating to your marriage partner so that you can response properly and avoid the obstacles that hinder good marriage relations.

Title Author
Christian Marriage Covenant Written by David Martz
Cohabitation: Trial Marriage or Lack of Commitment? Written by Family First
God's Word on Preparing for Marriage Written by Keith Sorbo
I'm Dating - Again! Written by Laura Petherbridge.
Internet Relationships: Caution! Written by Barbara Lighthizer
Promises and Pressures Written by Dan Reiland
Risk Factors for Marital Problems Written by Howard J. Markam
Stepfamily Pre- Marriage QUIZ Written by Laura Petherbridge
The Freedoms of Abstinence Written by Robert Strand
The Three Stages of Growth in Marriage Written by Dr. Wayde Goodall
Ways to Prepare for a Mate Written by Dr. Wayde Goodall
Women and Sexual Integrity Written by Mary J. Yerkes