Relating in a Family

While most of us are trained to succeed in our jobs at work, few of us are equipped to relate properly to our spouse and children.  We will suggest ways that you can grow as a married person and as a parent.

Title Author
A Virtuous Woman Written by David Arnold
Children and Stepparents Written by Brenda Harkins
Fifteen Guidelines on Disciplining Your Children Written by Dr. Wayde Goodall
God's Word on Relationship in the Family Written by Keith Sorbo
Hands-On Parenting Written by Drew Edwards, Ed.D., M.S.
How to Be a Loving Husband Written by Dr. Wayde Goodall
How to Be a Loving Wife Written by Dr. Wayde Goodall
Parenting Action Points Written by Dr,. Scott Turansky
Safety under a Wing Written by Crystal J. Ortmann
Seven Keys to Being a Good Parent Written by Dr. Wayde Goodall
Teens Identify Roots of Violence Written by Family First
The Gift of Service Written by Derek Maul
Three Discipline Basics Written by Family First
Touching Divorced People Written by Laura Petherbridge